Increased cost-efficiency, incredible locations, talented and experienced crew. Hundreds of worldwide brands shoot their campaigns in Ukraine, which is the largest country in Europe. Offering everything from beautiful mountain ranges to the sparkling sea. From untouched nature to gritty industrialism. From European beauty to post-soviet charm. Any location you can imagine is possible in Ukraine; airports, planes, trade centers, private homes etc...

Ukraine offers over a hundred shooting days with cheaper rates and high level quality. We work from the early stages of development, through pre-production, filming and then post production. All of our producers bring many years of first hand experience working on films and Television shows from around the world.

Rebate & State support

On September 12, 2019, the Ukrainian parliament has adopted new legislation that will allow foreign producers to get a cash rebate for up to 25% on their production costs. And foreign producers will be able to receive an additional 5% payback from the labour-production costs if their project passes the culture test.

On the local level, state support for a Film or a Television series could be granted to all legal bodies regardless of ownership type; state, private, corporate, etc. Feature films and animation films could get up to 80% of the budget from state support. Television series can get up to 50% of the budget as well. Documentaries, educational and childrens programs could be 100% funded by the state, depending on the subject matter.